Thank you Class 5!

Dear Class 5,

I wanted to write to thank you all for being such a wonderful group of young people over the past school year. It has been an absolute pleasure to be your class teacher and I am so proud of everything that you have achieved. It has been very rewarding to see you all make so much progress and I really hope that you have enjoyed your time in our class. It has been a special year for me as you were my first Year 5 class and also the first and last ‘Class 5′ who I will teach because, as you know, the class will be called ‘Y5 Moonstone’ next year.

I hope that you are enjoying the summer break. I had a wonderful time in New York and managed to see Space Shuttle Enterprise – I took a photo for you which I have added to the end of this post.

I wish you all the very best as you move into Y6 Magenta and I know you will all do wonderful things. Remember that there are truly no limits to what you can do. Reach for your dreams… the sky is no limit!

From Mr Waller

Space Shuttle Enterprise

Space Shuttle Enterprise (Click to enlarge)

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The Sheep Pig!

On Thursday, the 23rd of July, I went to Preston Park and saw the play of the Sheep Pig – it was open air. We went with Neave (my friend) , Harriett (Grace’s friend), Lottie (Thomas’s friend), Sarah (Neave, Harriett and Lottie’s mum) , Ali (Neave, Harriett and Lottie’s dad), my mum, my dad, Grace (my sister) and Thomas (my brother).

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A family of friends… a family of learners.


Today is our last day in Class 5 and Year 5. We are sad to be leaving but also excited for the future as we move into Year 6.

Thank you so much for following our learning adventures on our class blog!

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Our last days in Y5!

Our days in Year 5 have been magnificent: the best time anyone could want. Mr Waller has been a lovely teacher and a really good person who teaches people (that is probobly why he is a teacher). In my opinion, I think the best thing (that we have done) in Year 5 is making the Greek pots and going to High/Low Force.

As our time in Year 5 comes to an end, we get promoted AKA (moving up to year 6).

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My time in class 5

My time in class 5 was fantastic I love when we learn about space I hope  next year will  love it too. I will  miss  Mr Waller very much when I am in year 6 .

My favorite thing I did in year 5 was learning about the geeks myths  and all of the other subjects. My favorite subject in Mr Waller’s   class is maths because Mr Waller help me when I get stuck.

we will miss you

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What I have enjoyed in class 5

My top 3 favourite things I have done in class 5 are:

1. Being with my teacher, Mr Waller!

2. Doing athletics!

3. Going on a High force and Low force school trip!

I have really enjoyed being in class 5 with my awesome teacher, Mr Waller!

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Message from Astronaut Dave Williams

We are very excited to have recieved a message from Astronaut Dave Williams!

Dave Williams aboard the International Space Station.

Barbara Morgan lifts Dave Williams and Alvin Drew aboard the ISS!

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What I am doing in the six weeks holiday

In the summer holiday, I am going on 3 holiday’s. This is where I am going:



-A huge house with 4 families coming with us. Me and my mum, dad and sister now them very well to!

I can’t wait to go on holiday and I am looking forward to being off. We have only got about 2 weeks left of school! It is going to be great.

What are you doing in the holidays?


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Butterflies fly!

Over the past four weeks we have been observing the life cycle of Painted Lady butterflies. Today was an afternoon of sadness and excitement as we had to say goodbye to the butterflies. We hope you like viewing our gallery of butterflies flying to their freedom!


My Summer Show on Thursday and Friday.

On Thursday and Friday I did a summer show at the Billingham Forum with my dance school. The first dance I did was called 42nd street. The next dance I did was called route 66  (I liked that dance the most). After that I did a dance called Scream and shout and then it was the interval. To open the second half I did the ballet and the song was the American antam.I then Did a tap dance called Diamonds are a girls best friend. And then it was the finale  and on friday my dance teacher gave an award out to the infants and then there was a junior runner up of the year and a winner and I got the junior runner up, I was very happy.

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Last Week

Last week I had the week off to go and see all most all of my mam’s side of my family. We sleeped in our own little wooden cabins. We ate in a fancy glass room. My uncle, who lives in U.S.A, didn’t give me a birthday present so he gave £300 to get an Ipad-mini! :-D

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My creepy sight (6 Years old)

When I was 6, I went in a bundle of trees to get to my friends house and I caught a glimps of a red and orange looking dog – it was huge, I started to cry and I ran right past where it was . I looked behind myself and caught another glimps . I then had nightmare’s ! I hated the next couple days it was the scariest sight i’ve ever seen ! I dont want to go there ever again (I mean it !)



Missing Mr Waller and class five.

After the six weeks holidays we are going in year six. We will all miss Mr Waller and Mrs Wiseman they have been really nice teachers all the way through year five. I  will miss you lots Mr Waller and Mrs Wiseman.

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At Horse Riding

At horse riding I ridden on a horse called Penny, she is really cute and she is three feet tall. After I got off her there was another group and this girl was new so I had to help her get on. Penny pulled her head forward so her rains pulled forwards to the girl screamed. We went out for a walk and I lead for the first time. I had a really great time. I loved it.

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Algebra is quite tricky to understand when you first start, but when you have done it for a while it isn’t tricky. Here is some for you to have a go at:

If A + A = B

What does B + B =


If Y – A = X

What does Z – C =


If B x D = H

What does B x I =





Astronaut Dave Williams visits our class blog

Canadian astronaut Dave Williams has visited our class blog! He sent Mr Waller the following message:

Great blog! Thanks for sharing STS-118 with your students!


We learnt about the STS-118 mission to the  International Space Station (ISS). This was the same mission which Barbara Morgan took part in.

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What I did on Monday

On Monday I climbed up a Mountain called Roseberry Toping it was really good.I went with my two cousins and my mum,we were half way up when we hear my mum shout wait for me, she was very tired me and my youngest cousin helped her.We got to the top and had some lunch I was very hungry,when we finished our lunch we went down the grass waythe grass was wet I was very slow going down but my cousin walked down with out falling.We came to some rocks with river flowing down my feet got really wet.We all had a great day ,we finally got to the car and we drove home I really enjoyed it.

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My Fish Factfile

I have two fish named Ben and Jerry,There are goldfish but are wierd colours.Here is a picture there species(These are not my fish)


Tortoise fact file

                                                                  How cute?

The oldest Tortoise alive lived  121 but sadly it died – it was called Tommy. Do you like my picture?

      This is a Pancake Tortoise they are quite rare.


Leaving Class into Magenta Class

Today we went to go and see our new teacher Mrs. Forrest, because were going into Year 6 in September! We are sad to leave Mr Waller because he is the best teacher ever!